1. Don't compare yourself to others


It is hard not to compare ourselves to others when we are always wishing we had what someone else has. But when we continue to compare, it only leads to more negative thoughts and anxiety. In these moments when you are scrolling through social media or are hanging out with a group of girlfriends, remind yourself of all of the amazing qualities you ​possess! Because when you just start focusing on you, you will feel that weight fall off your shoulders.
2. Wear plunging necklines


Wearing plunging necklines are not just for the girls who have cleavage to show! They are actually easier for small chested women to wear. Not only will you look AMAZING in a tight body suite with this neckline, but you will also never feel like you are going to fall out. For an extra confidence boost, pair it with a necklace that will draw attention to that area.
3. Unlearn society's beauty standards


It is hard not to want a larger chest when that is what society has deemed as the most attractive in the past. But the truth is, the "ideal" body-type is CONSTANTLY changing. So, when these standards are changing so rapidly, why even bother trying to live up to them? The best thing you can do for yourself is make a conscious effort to unlearn beauty standards so you can truly start living your best life in the beautiful body you came in!
4. Go braless


One of the BIG perks of having smaller boobs is that you can actually go braless! Bras tend to be a burden and are extremely uncomfortable for women. But if you are a part of the itty bitty titty committee, you luckily don't have to worry about this. When you go to run errands, just throw on a comfy tee and some cute bottoms, and you are good to go!
5. Stand up straight 


Something as simple as standing up straight is an easy way to improve your self-confidence! If you are standing up straight, you will seem to have more confidence and begin to truly feel that way too. It can be a habit to cross our arms or slouch when we are feeling insecure, but in these moments remind yourself to pull your shoulders back and smile! You are seconds away from feeling more confident.
6. Focus on loving yourself as you are


As much as you may wish that you had a larger chest, there are women out there who are also wishing that they had a smaller one. So, the next time you are feeling insecure, remember that you are not alone. Unfortunately, all women have insecurities of their own and it is always important to focus on loving yourself as you are instead of trying to change, because you are perfect babe!
7. Put on a SABAL bikini


How many times have you been recommended a bikini that was supposed to be made for small chested women, but still left you feeling uncomfortable and insecure? SABAL bikinis are ACTUALLY designed for women with a small chest and will make you feel confident in swimwear like you never have before. Created by a woman who is also a part of the itty bitty titty committee, you are guaranteed to get the PERFECT bikini made specifically for you. Sign up to our newsletter for when your new favorite swimwear officially drops!
July 18, 2022