Every swimwear brand has a story to tell, but not every brand has a mission as empowering as SABAL Swimwear. This women-owned business, based right here in the USA, is a rising star in the industry. SABAL offers high-quality swimwear designed to flatter smaller bust sizes, focusing on AA, A, and B cups. Founded by the determined and dynamic entrepreneur, Hartley Lynn, SABAL is not just a brand, but a revolution.

High-Quality Swimwear for Small Busts

Hartley's personal struggle to find swimwear that comfortably fit her smaller bust size led her to an innovative solution. The "ah-ha" moment came when she discovered the comfort and support provided by a silicone insert. This discovery became the inspiration behind SABAL - the creation of custom silicone enhancers, revolutionizing swimwear for smaller busts.

Silicone Boosters: The Foundation of SABAL

Hartley took on the challenging task of creating these custom silicone boosters. These waterproof, sturdy, and sewn-in enhancers provide the perfect oomph and hold for women with smaller busts. The silicone enhancers are not just a feature; they are the foundation of SABAL's swimwear, making SABAL's designs unique and revolutionary. SABALs swimwear is so revolutionary they are patent-pending protected!

A Made in USA Swimwear Revolution

Launching online in August 2022, SABAL quickly gained recognition for its innovative swimwear design. The brand focuses on AA, A, and B cup swimwear and is effectively leading a swimwear revolution. It's not just about creating another swimsuit line; it's about changing the game, making swimwear shapewear, enhancing natural beauty, and boosting the confidence of women with smaller busts.

Making Waves with Swimwear for Smaller Busts

SABAL's innovative approach to swimwear for small busts has not gone unnoticed. The brand has gained significant attention and accolades from Seventeen magazine, which named it an "editors pick" for the best swimwear for small busts.

The Journey and the Challenges

Despite facing challenges with silicone enhancer design and managing manufacturing quantities, Hartley and the SABAL team persevered. Their commitment to the brand's mission and desire to connect with their niche audience have kept them pushing forward. As a result, they have succeeded in creating a product that fills a gap in the market and provides a solution to a widespread problem.

The Future of SABAL and Small Bust Swimwear

SABAL is excited about what the future holds. They are committed to continually evolving their designs and products to meet the needs of women with smaller busts. Their vision is clear - to create high-quality swimwear that makes women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.