This article was originally published by Seventeen Magazine written by Hannah Oh. Check out the full piece here.

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Being a member of the Small Boob Crew can be fun — you can easily get away with going braless and probably haven't suffered from boob-induced back pain. But when it comes to shopping for swimsuits for small busts, you might find yourself dealing with common problems like gaping, underwires that sit too low, or cups that collapse because they’re too big.

You may feel like you're limited in terms of your swimsuit options, but there are actually tons of swimsuit options that work great for small busts, from underwire styles that ~highlight~ your boobs and stretchy athletic bikini tops to padded styles that'll add some va-va-voom to what your mama gave you. There are many brands that sell swimsuits engineered to fit your body as perfectly as possible, as well as swim styles where it's totally an advantage to have a smaller bust.

Here's the bottom line — if you're a member of the IBTC in search of the perfect suit, we've rounded up some vibe-y swimsuits for small busts to help you stand (and swim) proud. Some can be worn multiple ways, others can be mixed-and-matched, and most importantly, they'll all have you totally feeling yourself as you soak up the sun.


March 07, 2023