This article was originally published in the February print issue of La Jolla Light written by Ashley Solomon. Check out the full piece here.


Though bathing suit season is a few months away, a new swimwear line launched by La Jolla resident Hartley Lynn aims to provide options for smaller-chested women with bra sizes AA, A and B. The pieces, known as Sabal, have patent-pending inserts sewn into the tops to provide natural lift.

“I saw a gap in the market for swimwear designed for small-chested women,” Lynn said. “I love my body, but my insecurities would get triggered when I was in a swimsuit. Not because there was anything wrong with me, but because it felt like they were never made for me. They were always too big, awkwardly fitting or totally unflattering. I’d tried everything, from specialty push-up bikinis to fabric inserts, but these always created more issues than they solved.”

She created Sabal last year. The bathing suits are made in Los Angeles using small-chested models to design for, and are sold online. Learn more at

February 28, 2023