As a woman with a small bust, I've heard all the advice before: "Choose tops with padding or ruffles to add shape and volume," "opt for a halter or bandeau top for more support," "look for swimsuits with embellishments or prints to draw attention away from your bust." But these solutions never really worked for me. They were either uncomfortable, unflattering, or just plain unrealistic. That's why I'm excited to introduce SABAL Swim, a swimwear brand that offers a real solution for small busts designed by a A-cup beach lover.

      1. The secret to our swimsuits' success is the sewn-in silicone cups. These discreet and comfortable enhancers are specially designed to lift and shape your bust without the bulk of traditional padding. BONUS: Our silicone cups are designed to not absorb water, unlike traditional cotton padding, so you can enjoy your swim without the bulk of soggy padding.
      2. With SABAL Swim, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style. Our swimsuits are designed to eliminate the common pain points of traditional push-up bikinis, such as visible padding, unnatural-looking cleavage, discomfort from underwire and the need to constantly adjust and readjust padding that shifts throughout the day. With our swimsuits you can enjoy the beach or pool feeling confident and beautiful in your swimwear.
      3. During the design process, we use fit models with small busts, specifically AA-B cups. This is not a common practice in the industry as typically there's no one in the room representing small busts, so it was rare to be asking modeling agencies for fit models with that cup size range. Many models don't get booked due to their cup size. We understand the unique needs and challenges that women with small busts face when it comes to finding the right swimwear. 

      4. One of the biggest challenges we faced during the design process was ensuring that the swimsuits looked natural and seamless with the built-in silicone enhancers. We didn't want the swimsuits to look like push-up bras or anything with the inserts showing

      5. Additionally, we had to develop the inserts from scratch as the kind of insert. What we wanted didn't exist on the market. It was a challenging process, but we were determined to create an insert that was comfortable, waterproof, lightweight, and provided the perfect amount of lift for small busts. We are proud to say that the inserts used in our swimsuits are a first of its kind, developed specifically for our brand to meet the unique needs of our customers. It's this attention to detail and commitment to creating the perfect swimsuits for small busts that sets us apart from other brands on the market.

      6. Lastly, many brands may claim to cater to small busts, but in reality, they are just offering smaller sizes of the same tops that are advertised to larger busts. This can be frustrating for women with small busts, as the fit and design may not be truly tailored to their specific needs. That's why we're 100% dedicated to small busts! 

Don't settle for uncomfortable, unflattering swimsuits any longer. Visit our website to view our full collection and find the perfect swimsuit for your small bust. And for a limited time, use the code SMALLBUSTLOVE at checkout for 10% off your purchase. We would love to hear your feedback on our swimsuits, so please leave a review on our website or tag us on social media with your photos. Thank you for choosing SABAL Swim – the only swimwear brand 100% dedicated to small busts.   

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